Our Approach To Coaching

We make sure that we understand the client’s need and the context for that need. Then we design the coaching programme accordingly. When it comes to ‘context’, we look at factors that could undermine learning such as a lack of leadership support for the learning initiative or a general lack of strategic direction.

We consult with the client on how skills are to be applied in the workplace, what workplace learning support is to be made available and how progress is to be measured.

We deliver highly tailored coaching in a variety of ways. We prefer to coach small groups (e.g. 4 –10 participants, depending on the subject matter) in sessions that may run from 2 hours to 2 days.

Individual, 1– 3 hour coaching sessions scheduled over a 1–12 month period or longer are also a major feature of our approach to coaching. These individual sessions may be a follow-up to a group workshop or form part of a stand-alone, individual coaching programme.

We prefer to coach participants over time so that the skills can be applied at the coalface and reinforced over a series of coaching sessions.

Our coaching sessions focus on participants continually practising techniques using live and relevant scenarios.

Our work is based on simple but very practical and powerful tools to influence face to face.

Our coaching style is credible and engaging for all levels of an organisation.