Our Clients & Our Services

Professional Service Firms

Business Development Skills.

We help professionals raise their profile, gain new clients and develop valuable, long term relationships with existing clients.

High Stakes Pitching.

We have a very successful track record helping professionals differentiate themselves and win pitches for major opportunities.

Presentation Skills.

We have developed innovative techniques that are designed to help professionals confidently present technical subjects in ways which are interesting and engaging. This in turn helps to raise their profile within the firm or their target markets.

Service Delivery Skills.

We help junior professionals develop relationships with clients and build credibility within the firm by using effective communication skills when taking instructions and giving advice.

Communication Skills for Support Functions (e.g. a firm’s IT, marketing or HR people).

We help support functions win respect for their role in the firm and develop stronger working relationships with the professional staff and partners they serve.

Corporates and Government

Influencing Skills.

We help staff and executives build relationships with stakeholders across and outside the organisation and win buy in for initiatives or change through persuasive face to face influencing skills.

Presentation Skills.

We help staff and executives confidently present to explain, persuade or inspire as part of their career or leadership development plans.

Communication Skills for In House Technicians (e.g. in house IT, HR, finance or legal professionals).

We help technicians articulate the value of their service and build deeper relationships with their internal clients. We also help technicians clearly articulate outcome focused solutions that meet the needs of the end user.

Banking & Finance

Business Development and Pitching Skills.

We help relationship managers, product managers and analysts get closer to key client decision makers and therefore grow client relationships in highly competitive markets. We also have a very successful track record in helping bankers differentiate themselves and win pitches for major opportunities.

R&D Organisations

Influencing, Pitching and Presenting Skills.

For example, we help scientists clearly and persuasively articulate the value of their science when communicating with laypeople as well as their peers. Our clients are also able to win the confidence of stakeholders wanting certainty and early returns despite the variables and long term milestones associated with typical research projects.